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jeudi, 23 mai 2013

Everyday life… (Karl Ove Knausgaard)

"Everyday life, with its duties and routines, was something I endured, not a thing I enjoyed, nor something that was meaningful or made me happy. This had nothing to do with lack of desire to wash floors or change diapers but rather with something more fundamental: the life around me was not meaningful. I always longed to be away from it. So the life I led was not my own. I tried to make it mine, this was my struggle, because of course I wanted it, but I failed, the longing for something else undermined all my efforts."

(Karl Ove Knausgaard, A Man In Love, cité in Emily Witt, "His Life (All of It) as a Man : Karl Ove Knausgaard’s Rambling New Volume of ‘My Struggle’", editorial@observer.com, The New York Observer, 22 mai 2013, http://observer.com/2013/05/his-life-all-of-it-as-a-man-karl-ove-knausgaards-rambling-new-volume-of-my-struggle/, consulté le 23/05/13)

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